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In ru-chess-art. Knowledge of russian is required.

Run popeye button

Server-based popeye is integrated into the editor. Popeye is limited to 128M for hashtables, 30 sec max solution time and limited to display 8 solutions.
Note that you still can use options like "Intelligent" although they can not be saved.

Scheduled downtime will not be available on the 13th of April 2016 due to scheduled maintenance (OS upgrade).

PGN converter is added

The button can be found above the add/edit entry form. The coolest and most non-trivial feature is that it converts PGN short algebraic notation into the Popeye output notation that can be animated with py2web. Also it matches the PGN tags to the yacpdb fields:
Event - source;
Date - date;
White - authors;
Result - stipulation (+ or =);
FEN - algebraic;

YACPDB frontend update

Major new features:
- Py2Web (animated solutions) integration, example:
- Direct links to search results, example: Ninepin


Основные нововведения:
- Интеграция с Py2Web (анимированные решения), например:
- Прямые ссылки на результаты поиска, например: клетка Тамерлана

Py2Web 0.14.7


  • Empty popeye output is now valid Py2Web input

  • Large diagrams (<div class="p2w-diagram large" ...)

  • Repeat parent nodes after branching (PDB-style)

  • Imitators and 'Condition Imitator' twins

  • h#X.5 + SetPlay ("1... ... 2.") syntax

  • Neutral Chameleon bug fixed

  • Better compatibility with 3rd party JS code


Olive 0.13.6

Olive 0.13.6

Olive 0.13.1

Olive 0.13.1

Contributors activity in 2012

New entries:
 1. Gabriel Torok          3509 
 2. Evgeniy Permyakov      3227 
 3. Tobias Verhulst        2455 
 4. Ivo Remes               715 
 5. Aleksandr Sygurov       474 
 6. Lyubashevsky Leonid     287 
 7. Aleksandr Stavrietsky   281 
 8. Eric Huber              232 
 9. Luke Neyndorff          217 
10. Rainer Staudte          204 
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 1. Jurij Tonkin           12402 
 2. Gabriel Torok           7205 
 3. Evgeniy Permyakov       5248 
 4. Rainer Staudte          4630 
 5. Tobias Verhulst         3326 
 6. Ivo Remes               1738 
 7. Aleksandr Sygurov       1562 
 8. Tyunin Aleksandr         635 
 9. Eric Huber               592 
10. Aleksandr Stavrietsky    546 
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From Houston to LA

The database was moved to a different hosting company today. DNS generally needs 24 hours to update worldwide.

The new backend is a quite inexpensive VPS configured pretty differently compared to the old server, so there may be some problems with uptime, performance and general behavior. Please report.

This is what the new datacenter looks like from the outside:

(Picture taken from the hosting company website)


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